Thursday, 15 June 2017

Maroon Burgundy for this Raya

Hello, readers! Are you done shopping for this upcoming Raya? If not, don't worry. It is still not too late to do some Raya shopping since we still have time for it. I still need to buy some others things like shoes and scarf/ shawl for this Raya. Maybe I can take a look what Lazada have for this Riang Ria Raya sale?

If last year my theme was orange brownish kind of colour. But for this year, my Mom and I will be a bit away from that colour theme as we cannot find any outfits with that colour theme at the moment we search for the outfits. So our colour theme for my Mom and I is maroon burgundy colour. I know it is not matching with the boys' theme but it is okay as long as we are together, right? 

For the first day Raya, I will be wearing a Kebaya. It is going to be my first time wearing Kebaya since I never wear one before. I'm quite excited for it. Since it is a plain Kebaya so I will be matching my outfit with a designed shawl or scarf. For the next two days, I will be wearing a modern baju kurung and a dress. For shoes, I feel like I want to wear a heels or wedges to give me some height since I'm way too short. Not to forget, a handbag. It is a must so that I can put everything that I need in the bag.

There are lots of things on Lazada website. It is hard for me to choose cause there are so many choices there. But let see what I would like to buy from Lazada to complete my outfit.

 Link: here

Link: here

Link: here

Lazada Malaysia currently having a Marhaban Ya Ramadhan and Riang Ria Raya Sale ( that will take place from May 19 to June 30 where you can find special discounts up to 90%. Don't forget to check it out, okay? To blogger out there, if you're interested in joining Lazada contest, go to It is happening now until 30 June 2017. 

What's your colour theme for this year?


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Monthly Roundup : May 2017

Hi, everyone. How are you guys doing? I hope everything goes well as you wish. We are now entering the first half of the year and when I was looking back to my goals, there are nothing much changes especially my life. But it is okay, I have another six months to sort everything out. Am I right? 

I'm sorry as there are no highlights for this month. But I bet in June there will be quite a few since there are lots of things happen especially Ramadhan and not forget, Eidul Fitri. I can't wait!


Same - Song Ji Eun & Sung Hoon 🔹 Auditory Hallucinations - Jung Jae In feat NaShow 🔹 Good Night - Dreamcatcher

These songs are so good. I put the songs on repeat and still not feel bored. I even looking up for the romanization so that I can sing the song and I did! I just keep practicing and singing until to the point that there was no mispronunciation at all. I'm so proud of myself.


Doctors 🔹 My Secret Romance 🔹 Kimchi Untuk Awak 🔹 Hero Seorang Cinderella

Remember when I said that I only watched the dramas of the person that I knew or fan with? I take my words back. I am now trying to watch as many dramas as I can and trying not to be choosy because I noticed that recently Korean dramas were quite great to watch. It all happened when I was on my laptop on that day and I clicked the popular dramas icon on the online Korean Drama website. Both Korean dramas that I watched this month were great. I might be rewatching it again in the future. Do tell me what should I watch next, can you? For Kimchi Untuk Awak, I'm sorry to say this but the movie was so-so to me. I already read the novel before but quite disappointed with the movie because the storyline was short and fast. There are not so many scenes there. I don't know, maybe it just me or maybe because my expectation was high for the movie. But overall, I must say that I prefer novel over the movie. That is all. Hero Seorang Cinderella, a current Malay drama that I accidentally watched and fell in love with. Eventhough I'm still not reading the novel yet but so far so good. I look forward to the next episodes.

Korean drama : Doctors      Korean Drama : My Secret Romance



I'm so glad that my reading mood is back. Unfortunately, I'm not reading an actual book but reading books on Wattpad. I guess it still works, right? I shared my current reading on Wattpad on my previous post, do check it out if you want to. [Link: here]


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🔹 Monthly Roundup + Highlights: April 2017 [Link: here]
🔹 Trying Out SK-II Products with Sephora Malaysia [Link: here]

I'm so sorry for not posting much these last few months. I am just not in the mood of blogging but I will try my best to make sure that I posted at least once a week.

I hope it still not too late to wish you guys happy fasting 💕

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Currently Reading on Wattpad

If you still didn't know, Wattpad is an app where you can discover free stories or books created by writers around the world. There are lots of genres you can find there such as romance, science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction or fanfiction and more. And the most important thing is, it's FREE!

I think I have been mentioning about this for hundred times already but I still want to mention it again. It's been a while since I'm read a book. I keep repeating reread my old books for a countless time now. Until one day I decided to reinstall the app on Play Store called Wattpad. I used to install Wattpad before like two years ago but then I uninstalled it as my favourite books or stories were completed. There is nothing fun to be read at that time so I decided to uninstall. Good things happened. When I'm login to my account again the first thing I saw was the sequel of my favourite books or stories that I read before this. I'm so happy during that time and here I am sharing with you guys what I'm currently reading on Wattpad at the moment. Hope you enjoy!

Stay With Me - AvaViolet [Link: here]

Stay with Me by Ava Violet

*This is not an actual cover*


When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year.

Her plans change drastically when she runs- literally- into the school's hottest badass and the number one person on 'don't mess with' list, Aiden Parker.

Amelia needs to find a way to survive senior year while she tries not to fall the annoyingly handsome Aiden, or his mischievous, cocky player of a best friend, Mason.

With new friends, fun pranks, bitchy queen bees, old rivalries, and a hunting past, Amelia's senior year is destined to be filled with some drama. 

*Book 1: She's With Me

234's Lifeliness - AlexisThompsons [Link: here]

234's Lifeliness by Alexis Thompsons


They say it only takes an hour for your life to change. In my case, it was one month. My name is Hera Reynolds and this is my story...

*Book 1: Room 234's Virgin

Those are the books that I'm currently reading. It's not a lot but I really love both of them. I'm looking forward reading the next chapters. If you're interested to read them, I recommend you to read the book one first so that you will understand the story well since it is a continuation from the book one. If you ask me if it is worth reading, I would say yes! Both books were great and fun to read. The stories are something that you will never think or imagine would happen. I bet you will also into this books once you read them. I might do a review of these books once it is completed so wait for it, okay?

Let me know in the comment section down below if you have any suggestions regarding the best book you have read on Wattpad because I currently have none to read at the moment.

What is your currently reading on Wattpad if you have one?