Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Trying Out SK-II Products with SEPHORA MY

*This is sponsored post.

Having a nice and flawless skin is every girl's dream out there. A big shout out for those who already has a nice flawless skin, you guys are so lucky! I do think that you should start taking care of your skin at the early age so that your skin won't get aging or wrinkles in the future. Am I right? I'm a person who has acne and combination skin but sometimes it could be sensitive too so looking for skincare products can be a little bit tough for me. I have to seek for a product that will moisturize and hydrate but does not give any harms to my skin at the same time.

In today's post, I'm collaborating with Sephora Malaysia to try and test some of the skincare products from SK-II. If you still didn't know, SK-II is a Japanese beauty brand that launched in 1980. I must say that it is a well-known brand and I believe you heard it before, right? So, without further a due, let's go more to the products, shall we?

Trying SK-II Products with Sephora Malaysia

SK-II Pitera Essence Set (RM 229.00)

In this set, you will get three products which are SK-II Facial Treatment Lotion 30ml, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, and SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.

Since I didn't pick any facial cleanser from this range, I'm going to skip this step and move to the next one. After cleansing my face, I will apply SK-II Facial Treatment Lotion to the cotton pad and then wipe the products to my skin. This clear lotion will remove the excess dirt, sebum or oil on your skin. At the same time, it will also refresh your skin as well. 

The next step is applying the essence. I never use any essence before and quite excited to try this one. All I do is pour some good amount of the essence to my clean palm and rubbing it for a few seconds before I pat it to my skin. You can also use the cotton pad while doing this process but your girl here is so lazy so she just pours them into her palm. Haha. What I noticed after using this essence is the absorption process. I can say that this essence absorb so quickly to my skin so I don't have to wait for it to dry or anything. I'm not a fan of the scent that coming from this essence but I do think that it is bearable and not too strong. 

Last but not least, applying the mask. I'm waiting for a good time to try this mask. But then there is one day where my skin was not looking that good. It was dry patches everywhere on my face, some small pimples on my forehead, large pores. You name it, I had it all. So I decided to give it a try. The sheet mask is just like the others mask. But the essence though. It is so rich with essence. I applied it to my face and let it for about 30 minutes. I can see some changes to my skin after I remove the mask. My skin was so moisturised, my pores appear smaller than before and my dry patches look a hydrated too. And of course, I will not be going to throw away the remaining balance of the essence. I just applied it to my neck and hands. It's really really refreshing.

SK-II Pitera Essence Set

SK-II Signs Eye Mask (RM 262.00)

Having not enough sleep is the main reason why I picked up this product. I barely get sleep during the night time and that bring me to stay up until late at night. My eyes started to give a not so good sign where my dark circle started to appear and not to mention the eyebags too. It started to appear under my eyes area. Then I'm trying this eye mask. his eye mask really moisturising and hydrating your undereye area. Just like the facial mask, this eye masks also rich with essence. I forget to mention that in this box, you will get 14 pieces of eye mask. So you can use it whenever your eyes feel tired and acting up. 

SK-!! Signs Eye Mask

I would say that it is a great experience trying these SK-II products. If you're interested in buying any SK-II products, go here. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all the opinions are my own.

Have you tried any SK-II products?

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Monthly Roundup + Highlights : April 2017

I'm so sorry for skipping two months of this monthly post. I don't know why but my motivation towards blogging for the past months are quite down. I have a hard time making a new post in my blog. Every time I try to type a new post, I always got stuck at the point that I don't want to do it at all. But I slowly fixing those problems by controlling them and trying my best to get that motivation towards blogging back. Hopefully, it's working.


🔹 Kidzania, KL

Early this month I got the chance to went to Kidzania KL to accompany my two little brothers there. It's is a fun theme park for kids (obviously!) because they will get a lot of knowledge and experiences regarding the activities that they do there. My two brothers and I spent almost six hours there and it is torturing me a bit because I have to wait for them for the whole time. There are a lot of activities that they can be experienced there like being a DJ, pilot, doctor, surgeon, and much more. I really recommend you to bring your younger siblings or kids there.

🔹 Allergy

Never thought this would have happened to me but I got allergy reaction on my skin. I got rashes all over my body and it really stressed me out. My skin was so itchy, red and sore for the whole two weeks. I'm still dealing with it by the way and hoping this would end very soon. After holding it for a week, I couldn't stand it anymore then decided to meet a doctor as soon as I can. The doctor said that I had the allergy and asked me to avoid seafood for the time being. But the funny thing is, I was never got any allergy when I ate any kind seafood before and how come I can suddenly get it? I don't know. It just feels so weird. Or maybe I just got the allergy from something else but not seafood, who knows?


Only you - Siwon 🔹 Will you go out with me - DIA 🔹 Beautiful - Crush 🔹 The eye - Infinite 🔹 Fine - Taeyeon 

P/s: I guess I'm listening to Kpop songs more than the others 😉


I discovered a new show to watch which is Asia's Next Top Model S5. For your information, I love watching this kind of reality show where models compete with each other to become next top model. The dramas that they're making is so fun to watch. It is weird? Haha. The next one would be Korean dramas which I just finished watching the whole episodes of the drama which is Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo. I cannot believe that the next few days after I finished this drama, a good news coming up which is Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung from the drama are currently dating! I really love their chemistry on this drama and I'm so glad that they are together in real life. Last but not least, would also be another Korean drama which is Oh My Venus. Oh my God, guys. This drama is so soo good. I would suggest for those who loves watching Korean dramas but still didn't have the chance watching Oh My Venus, you guys should watch it. You will not regret it, trust me. Believe me or not, on episode 13 if I'm not mistaken, I was crying so bad for the whole episode due to the story. The hero and heroine really bring their characters all out and it touched my heart. I feel like I want a man just like Kim Young Ho did to Kang Joo Eun so that he can train me with my weight so that I will never gain weight anymore. Haha

Asia's Next Top Model 5

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Oh My Venus


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🔹 Start writing again

I glad that I got some inspirations to start writing again. In April, I managed to write at least two poems. It is more than enough to me since I have been not writing for quite sometimes now. Writing is the best way to express how I feel. It feels so good to read my poems again whenever I feel down and realized how hard and struggle I am to control my emotions. I did read my old short stories that I created years ago and there is a feeling in my heart that I feel like I want to start writing short stories again in the future.

🔹 Losing weight

This month I just started to skip my dinner and ate rice during lunch time only. I just hope that it helps my weight a bit. In terms of exercising, I don't even exercise throughout the month and I know it is bad. But I just so lazy, you know what I mean...

🔹 Find solutions for my skin

My skin for this month made some improvement. I don't get that many pimples as before anymore except during my time of the month. That cannot help anymore, it just happened.

🔹 Earn my own money

Nothing to talk about. 

🔹 Be stronger than usual

Nothing to talk about.

🔹 Save money

I cannot say that I save my money since I spent some of my money to my skincare products. But I can say that I'm not spent a lot. I bought what I need and that it is. 

How was your April went?

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Blogging Routine

Blog post ideas

This is the very first thing that I need to figure out before starting to create a new blog post. For me, this is where it starts. How can you write a blog post if you don't have the main keywords or points to your post, right? To be honest, I do have a hard time finding, searching, figuring my next upcoming blog posts just because I don't know what to blog. So I usually ended up searching for more and more blog post ideas on Google from the few sites and then jot down the list to my planner. It's really helping me a lot. I also did some brainstorm too by looking at my surrounding. Eventhough it not that much still enough for me.


Before I starting to write a post, I will always make sure that the images or pictures for the blog post are ready. Why? Because I will interpret all my thoughts by looking at the images. If it is a review post, I will be using my DSLR camera to take the pictures two or three days before I create a blog post but if it is a personal or non-formal post, I normally go to for a stock photos that I think works well with the blog post and fast too. Overall it all depends on what blog post I'm going to do during that time. 

Write a post

This is the stage where I struggle the most. Believe me or not, I sometimes took about at least three days to a week for a blog post! Sounds ridiculous, right? But, it's true. It is because I normally writing my blog post whenever I want to. By whenever I mean, it could be in the morning, late night or even before I go to sleep. I think that the reason why I don't normally finish a blog post on the same day. So, the conclusion is I don't have any specific ways or routine for writing a blog post. I normally will just go with the flow.

Double check

After I'm done with writing the blog post, I will take some time to double check my words, grammar, spelling, and everything to make sure that my blog post is perfect so I didn't have to redo or reupdate for another time. Eventhough I double checked it, I may still make some mistakes here and there so yeah. 

Hit the publish button

Once I satisfied with my blog post, writing, pictures, and everything, I will finally hit the publish button. I'm trying my best to keep on updating at least once a week. I usually have blogging schedule that I'm trying to follow which is on every Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Post overview

If you think that I'm done after hit the publish button, you're wrong. Because I usually look forward to my views and comments for the post I had published. This is also the time where I read and reply to the comments that have been left by the readers. I appreciate every views and comment that I received through my blog posts. Thank you so much.

BONUS: Reading blogs

What's blogging routine without reading other blogs, right? I really really love reading blogs as I can get inspire by their writings and experiences. Other than reading the blogs from Blogger dashboard, I also read blogs from Bloglovin'. There are lots of blogs there and it is fun to read them.

Thanks for reading!

I already shared mine. How about yours?