Thursday, 23 June 2016

Review : SilkyGirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Like I said in my previous entry, I always wanted to try out lip cream products because I don't have to touch up my lip colour every single time. Saying that just remind me of one video that I watch on facebook where a girl keeps touching up her lipstick every time she ate. Sorry, it is not every time she ate but every single time she bites her meal, she will reapply her lipstick. Can you imagine that? OMG.

I don't want to write much, let's jump to the review!!!

This is the new product range from Silkygirl. The time I bought this lip cream, it was on sale at Guardian. I don't know it still a sale until now or not. Regardless, just check out this product at your nearest drugstores at your place. It is hard to choose what shade should I pick up since there are varieties of colour provided. I want to take red but red is not my ordinary lip colour. Same goes to nude. At last, I just took my ordinary shade for my lip colour which is pink in 02 Glamour since it is wearable for the everyday makeup look.

The first time I wear it I just feel so uncomfortable on my lips. Maybe because it just was my first time using it. After it dries, it just feels like normal but still a bit of stickiness. I love how pigmented this product is. I love how easy the applications. But they have the downside too which I'm going to explain after this.

Tips : One thing that I would like to remind when you wear any lip cream is always scrub or exfoliate your lips because you wear lip cream so that it will look nice without looking so dry.


  • It feels light on lips.
  • Varieties of shades to be choose.
  • Affordable price.
  • Longlasting.


  • Dried and patchy lips after a few hours.
  • A bit sticky on lips.

Let me explains more how I feel about this Matte Junkie Lip Cream. Basically, I love how it feels when I'm wearing it. It feels light and soft on my lips. I also love that there are so many colours to choose from red to nude colour which is perfect cause I had a hard time to choose the perfect colour for myself. Other than that is the price. It is so affordable even students can afford it. The time I bought it was on promotion so it is about RM 18++ but I don't know if there still a promotion or not but the retail price is about RM 21++ if I'm not mistaken and I think it is still affordable. Longlasting. I don't know whether it is a pros or cons. It does stay on my lips for a long time but there is a con that I will explain later on.

As I said before, it does stay for a long time on my lips but the downside about this lip cream is that it turns out dried and patchy on my lips. I did scrubbed my lips. I did put a lip balm before I use it. But, it still makes my lips drying. Even though before this I did mention that it does feel light and soft but still I can feel a bit sticky on my lips which happened every time I stick my lips together.

The thing that I noticed is that it is a bit hard to remove. That's happened when I want to remove the remaining lip cream that has on my lips because I wanted to have a clean and smooth lips before I put any lip products on my lips. Since it is hard to remove with tissue and water (since I didn't bring any makeup wipes with me at that time) I just let it be like that (drying and patchy) until I reached home and remove it with my makeup wipes and immediately apply my lip balm cause my lips really really need it. But when I'm using makeup wipes to remove and clean it, it becomes easier. Maybe I do it wrong by just using water and tissue.

All above are just my opinions about this product. Some might not work for me but it works for you and vice versa. I don't hate this product tho, in fact, I love it. Maybe because of my lips conditions which are always drying so it doesn't work well on me. But, for those who already bought this, may I know your experiences wearing them? Are you having the same problems or it just me? And for those who are planning to buy this lip cream, go ahead. Don't feel hesitate to buy cause it might work on you.

Will I buy this product again? Maybe I would. I will buy it and pick other shades but I will not wear them for a long time. Maybe one or two hours would be okay for me so that the lip cream will look nice during that time I wear it. If they can improve the formulation to more hydrating one it would be perfect.

This is what I read from Silkygirl's website about this product :

This kissproof and transfer resistant lip colour applies like a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish. It stays on your lips through day and night activities requiring minimal touch-ups. Available in 5 rich and highly pigmented shades; 01 Retro, 02 Glamour, 03 Rebel, 04 Vintage and 05 Vixen.

Lightweight | Fragrance-free | Carmine-free | Paraben-free | Not tested on animals   

I will rate ★★★★☆ for this Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream. So, yeah. That's all I have for now. Do leave a comment below if you've any questions or experiences regarding the Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream.

Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Road To Eid (Part 1)

Challenge 101 is a new series on my blog that I would love to try and do. Basically, these series is all about challenges. I challenge myself to do something to see whether it works on me or not. There will be a time limit of every challenge. So we will know if I can it or not. 

Since Eid is just around the corner, I want to challenge myself to do something that is not so important but still a must to take care to. Can you guys guess what it is? I was just thinking to lose some of my weight. To be honest I'm truly okay with my weight. I don't really put much attention on it but as for now I just want to challenge myself whether I can do it or not. Perhaps I can.

I was thinking about this when I was about to know my current weight since I have been not doing that for such a long time perhaps 5 months already. My weight as for now is 54.9kg (I took it as 55kg) which is normal for my BMI I think. I was not surprised about my weight but a bit happy because the amount has been reduced from the last time I did. So for my first challenge on these series, I wanna lose weight for about 5kg before Eid. Sounds ridiculous, right? I know it is hard to achieve but why not to give it a try and challenge myself, right? Whether it works or not, that is another story at least I tried.

I always wanted to have a tight gap cause I never have it. I'm so jealous of someone who has the small and thin leg. Trust me they are so lucky. Regarding of that, I will do 'something' to make it small and thin too. Maybe a bit of exercise and massages will do. We will see.

This challenge will be started from today since until the day before Eid, I will try and challenge myself to lose 5kg. So, I have about 15 days to make it come true. Hopefully, it works this time cause I still remember the last time when I decided to exercise and guess what? It's only long for 5 days only then I quit. Haha. But let's say I cannot make my weight reduce to 5 kg, it's okay then. Even 1 kg is fine cause at least I succeed to challenge myself to do it, right?

I will update from time to time about this challenge. Please look forward to that. And wish me luck, guys! I really really hopes I can make it. But we will wait and see the upcoming results near to Eid, okay?

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Signs

Hi, guys. I know I have been on off in blogging but trust me there are a lot of entries on my drafts but I'm stuck at the content part which is so hard for me to finish them out. I will try to keep updating new entry every two or three days. I do not promise you but I will try my best.

So, back to the main topic.

It is a challenge for me to be fasting in not so good conditions of health. Yes, I'm sick. Not to having a drink and eat while you're sick is something that is not normal for me. I can say that this is my first time in 20 years and 7 months having fever, cough, flu, sore throat during the fasting month.

It's all started with the sign. Usually, if I'm getting sick there are signs appear before that. Most of the time before I will get sick, I will tend to experience a sore throat first and then everything is starting to appear. Starts with a sore throat and then cough, fever not to forget flu. All in one! But, it can be a benefit to me too cause I know when the time I will get sick, right? Haha

Can you imagine how struggle am I to keep fasting throughout the day? Glad I made it. Even for five days. At first, I didn't want to take any medicines at all but on the day three, and I still don't feel any better. So, I decided to take it too just because I want to heal fast. I can say that I rarely taking any medicines for a cough and flu because I don't like the effects after taking those medicines. Those medicines have sleepy effect after you took it which is something that I don't like. I still remember the time I'm taking the flu medicines at night before I sleep and the next day all I feel was sleepy all the time. I can't focus on what I'm doing during that time.

And now, it's day six. I can feel the changes. I'm sort of healing but still, have to take care of myself. Glad that I can move around, doing chores, finishing my entries and everything. Compared to last few days, I can't even walk cause I feel so dizzy. All I can do is laying out covered with the blanket all the time. So sad!

That's happened to me last few days. So for you guys who read this, please take care of yourself. Don't forget to take medicines if you're not feeling well. Don't be like me! It is not a good example tho. Hahaha

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Skincare Routine 2016

Who's on Earth doesn't want a perfect skin, right? So, taking care of your skin especially face and body are very very important. Even though my skin is not perfect at all but it is a must to take care of it like a baby. Haha

As I mentioned on my others entry, I do have an oily and combination skin also more to acne prone skin. Which is that might be one of the reasons why acnes keep pop up on my face. Having those types of skin is quite hard to take care. I have to do this, I have to do that. Everything. You have to blot your face frequently, wash your face, and everything. Not to mention, my blemishes too. It is so hard, trust me.


Basically, every morning after I woke up I will wash my face using my facial cleanser from Mentholatum. And then, I usually take a piece of tissue and pat dry my face gently. I did use my face towel to dry my face out sometimes but since using towel is not too hygienic, then I just use tissue because once you have used it, you just need to throw it away while for towel, once you used it, all the dirt and oils from your skin will be transferred to the towel and when you use it for the next time, all the junks will be on your face, again. Which is not okay! So when I used face towel for two or three times (for a day), I will soak and wash the towel with warm water and a bit of detergent and rinse it.

I will usually wash my face twice a day which is morning and night. Please note that you can't wash your face more than three times cause it will take away all your natural oil that you have on your skin. Also not to go harsh on your face since the skin in our is not too thick especially eye areas. So, please be gentle with your face.


The current toner that I used is from Aiken which is good for oily and acne prone skin. I did put my toner to my travel size spray bottle so that I won't waste any product, in fact, it is easier and convenience to use. I sprayed three times of the toner onto the cotton pad and pat it to my whole face not to forget neck too gently. At this point, I also did spray my Nano White Fresh Miracle Mist to my face just to make sure my face didn't get oily throughout the day.

Basically, what toner does are refreshes your skin, remove excess oil and dirt, moisturises your skin, and shrinks your pores.

Tips: If you don't have toner, you can make it by your own. I already published an entry about this. You guys can check that out on D.I.Y: Make Your Own Face Toner.


This step is very important. It is still okay if you don't use toner but moisturiser is the most important steps. There are so much moisturiser products in the market and you can choose it according to your preferences and your skin type.

Since I already ran out of moisturiser, I just use my aloe vera gel from Elianto as my moisturiser. It is light, easy to apply, dries fast and the best thing is it doesn't make my skin more oily.

*Extra Steps: These steps are the steps that you're not supposed to do every day. Once or twice a week should be okay.


Exfoliate or also known as scrubbing is not something that you need to do every single day. Because it will make your skin irritate and take away all your natural oil that your skin needs. What exfoliate does? Basically, exfoliating is the step that removes all of the dead skin, deep cleanse the skin, remove blackhead and whitehead and also make your skin fresher and clean.

For my exfoliating, I just use my normal facial scrub from Bioglo. I used facial scrub for oily and combination skin with tree tea on it. What I love about this facial scrub is that it gives you a cooling or mint sensation to your skin after you used it. So, that's the reason why the skin becomes fresher

Tips: If you do not have any facial scrub you can make it by yourself. All you need is your facial cleanser and a spoon of sugar. White or brown sugar would be fine. Fine or coarse also would be fine. Just mix the product together and there you have it. Apply


There are so many types of mask that you can get in the market. Like sheet mask, peel-off-mask, gel mask and more. Every each of them has their own purposes. Some of them can be used for moisturised, whitening, anti-aging, remove your blackhead and whitehead and etc. I basically put the mask that I will use in the fridge for few hours (if I choose to use any sheet mask). So, when I want to wear them, the mask will give you the cooling sensation on your face which is so nice. Please don't throw the excess liquid that has on the package. Rub it into your skin like a neck, hands, and other parts of your body. Don't forget to give a little massage to your face to once you've removed the mask.

Yeah, I think that's all I have for now. Remember to take care of your skin even though you think that your skin is clean enough. Your skin really needs it.

I found a website that sharing the right steps of washing your face for everyday basis, washing your face for acne prone skin even for dry skin. I might not be doing the right thing, but this website will help you regarding washing your face. You can go to It has the proper ways to wash your face for each type of skin. Please do check it out. It might be useful for some of you.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo